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The average elementary school aged child gets six to eight colds each school year, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Learn how to prevent these dreaded illnesses by reading more here…I really cannot believe I am writing this already! Ugh- is summer really winding down so soon? No matter how old your kids are, we all know that being back together in the petri dish of school is a recipe for infections. Now, we have another virus to worry about- COVID, in addition to the usual flu, stomach bugs, runny noses, and fevers. What is the best way to support our youngest population?Of course I am going to bring up lifestyle, because that is A number 1! Healthy lifestyle is the absolute most important factor in a healthy life, including fewer infections. Diet- emphasize whole foods and encourage your children to eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats. Limit sugar- seriously- I know you love your kids and want to give them treats, but sugar is dangerous in so many ways and impedes immune function! Sleep- get your kids to bed at a decent hour. They need more sleep than you do- especially your teenagers! Exercise- super important for a healthy immune system! Stress Management- be aware that over-booking your kids with activities is stressful on their bodies (and yours). They have a lot to do just with school and homework. Stress greatly depletes the immune system. Teach them to manage their time effectively and teach them stress management skills like saying no, resting, and meditation.
If you are looking for some extra nutrition to support your children and your family for the cold season, we have you covered!

For younger kids, OrthoMolecular makes two awesome Back to School kits that are perfect for adding to your healthy lifestyle. I am recommending this for all elementary-aged children.Essential Nutrition Pack contains Flora Bites chewable probiotics, Orthomega Pearls fish oil, and SuperNutes chewable multivitamin
Immune Protection Pack has three liquid formulas: Kid-D, Natranix a powerful blend of immune stimulating herbs, and Imu-Max a vitamin C and elderberry mix.
Older children and adults should be taking the super immune vitamins D and C, a fish oil, and a probiotic. I have been loving the Quicksilver Scientific Immune Charge liposomal liquid for both older children and adults. It is a great preventive and you can also use it intensively if you do come down with a cold.

Staying healthy during the school year can seem nearly impossible. These products can certainly keep your children (and you) away from those dreaded back to school illnesses. Click on the links above to purchase from our online store or come on into the store!

Dr. Eliza

P.S. Lifestyle and supplements can keep your kids healthy during the school year. Click on the links above to purchase everything you need.

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