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Why You Need A Naturopathic Doctor

Most likely, you do not seek the advice of a doctor unless you need it.

Chances are, by the time you go to the doctor, you have lived for quite some time with your symptoms.

At first, you hoped these new symptoms were just transient and that the pain would go away, your digestion would return to normal, or you would snap out of your brain fog. You thought this migraine was a one-time deal or you would get pregnant next month, for sure. This anxiety will go away, you will calm down, and the depression can’t last much longer–you will snap out of it soon. Surely you will sleep better tomorrow night, and maybe with a little more rest you won’t feel so freaking tired.

Next, you realize you need help.

You turn to “Dr. Google” and find out you can use this natural miracle cure that doctors keep as a secret from everyone. Or maybe you can go to the grocery or health food store to pick up your remedy. You treat yourself, all the while praying that you do not have that horrible diagnosis that “Dr. Google” thinks you probably have. You try this supplement and that herb; this home remedy and that suggestion from your friend. Still, your hair keeps falling out, you cannot function during your periods from the pain, and that acne will not clear up.

Finally, you reach the point of desperation.

Even though you don’t want to go on a medication, you hate taking pills, and you don’t want to put drugs in your body, you call your doctor. You need answers. You need help.

You arrive for your appointment and wait in the waiting room. Then you wait some more in the exam room. Finally, you have you time. You get to give your 5 minute story, have a brief exam, and minutes later, you head out the door with instructions to take your medication, eat ‘better’, and exercise ‘more’.

You are frustrated, but hopeful.

You want to get better. You read the warnings on the label of your prescription and hope you are not one of the unlucky to get that side effect. You follow the directions and take your pills. Maybe you get a bit better and feel encouraged. Maybe you get better, stop taking the medicine, and get worse again. Or maybe it doesn’t work at all. In any case, you know you are only masking your symptoms. You are putting a bandaid on the parasite by killing it, but what about the damage it did to you intestines? You are quelling the acid reflux, but are you really addressing the cause the GERD? Are you really getting better?

You are not healing your body.

You are not really getting any better. You might have to stay on this drug for the rest of your life.

Maybe you didn’t know that there is a more effective alternative. This is Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic Medicine is a model that puts you, the patient, first. It is not a disease management system, but a system that is based in real health care.

The goal, in my practice of Naturopathic Medicine, is to find the root cause of your distress.

When you come to see me, I spend an hour and a half with you – in the same room, with you, for 90 minutes. You will not wait in my waiting room or in my exam room. I honor you and your time. You have a story to tell, and I will listen.

I will evaluate you with my medical tools, using physical exams and laboratory testing to figure out what exactly is wrong. I use functional medicine diagnostics and treatments to evaluate the root of your problem and then work from there to help you get better.

I use a personalized approach with every patient.

Your headache is not like anyone else’s headache, your ulcerative colitis is different from his, and your hypothyroidism is not the same as hers. Your body is unique; your symptoms are different even though the diagnosis may be the same. You tolerate a different diet and respond to medications and nutrients and herbs in your own way.

I use the medicines that you feel good about putting in your body. Herbs and nutrients that are gentle and well-tolerated. They are evidence-based and natural. I actually teach you how to eat healthy and customize your diet based on you, your diagnosis, what you can tolerate, and what food you like. There is no “eat better” and see ya later, I provide you with a step by step approach to helping you integrate a whole foods, nutrient-dense diet into your lifestyle. I coach you in the effective ways to recover your health and the tried and true methods to maintain this newly healthy body for the rest of your life.

For an emergency event, you need life-saving medicine. There is no doubt that this is the way. But get Naturopathic health care for conditions that are not an emergency. You will be able to truly heal your body, and make yourself more resilient for your life to come.

You need to be proactive in your health and be in the hands of a practitioner that can walk you through the process of healing. You NEED a Naturopathic Doctor.

Please call me at 970-328-5678 or schedule an appointment to visit with me in person.