It is my goal to provide you with the highest quality care that can be offered and to exceed your expectations.

If you have questions about anything that pertains to your care, do not hesitate to ask. When it comes to my practice, education is really important and I will do my best to explain all of my findings to you in a clear manner.


Initial Office Visit($225): Your first visit with Dr. Klearman is an essential part of establishing a meaningful healing relationship.  During this visit, Dr. Klearman investigates:

  • your health and medical history
  • your diet and lifestyle
  • the function of the key body systems related to your ailment
  • the history, onset and key characteristics of your illness
  • medications and supplements you currently take

The goal of this visit is to uncover the underlying cause of your illness.

Dr. Klearman may recommend lab testing to help guide your treatment.  Testing may include thorough blood screenings through Vibrant America, DUTCH hormone testing, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, SIBO breath testing, Organic Acid profiles, and more.

Dr. Klearman may include an acupuncture treatment (included in the price) if time allows.

Return Office Visits ($150): A follow-up visit is time for Dr. Klearman to

  • Provide a Report of Findings- which entails explaining pertinent laboratory findings and provide treatment, prognosis, and recovery plan
  • Explain what she thinks is causing your health ailment
  • Give you a diet plan
  • Coach you on a lifestyle plan
  • Start you on your treatment program
  • Perform an acupuncture treatment

Follow-up visits are typically recommended every 1-3 months.

Acupuncture ($100): Dr. Klearman may recommend more regular acupuncture treatments depending on the severity and type of your health issue.


Dr. Klearman does not bill insurance and takes cash payments only. However, she can provide her patients with an insurance invoice that can be submitted by the patient to their insurance company for reimbursement.

If you have an insurance company, Dr. Klearman recommends that you check your own benefits prior to your appointment.  


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