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It is my goal to provide you with the highest quality care that can be offered and to exceed your expectations.

If you have questions about anything that pertains to your care, do not hesitate to ask. When it comes to my practice, education is really important and I will do my best to explain all of my findings to you in a clear manner.


Initial Visit ($300): The initial visit is a comprehensive 90 minute session. While you are with Dr. Eliza for this time, she will spend time both before your appointment, reviewing your new patient forms, and afterwards, developing your treatment plan. Dr. Eliza may refer you to specialized labs, and might recommend supplements and other products. Lab fees, supplement, and product costs are not included in the price of service.

Continuity of care is extremely important in determining your outcomes. It is highly recommended that you plan to have a minimum of 3 follow up visits with Dr. Eliza to fully benefit from your working relationship. Naturopathic Medicine requires work and dedication on your part. Dr. Eliza will help keep you on track with the treatments that she recommends; your dietary changes, lifestyle improvements, and supplements, and will use laboratory tests to tweak your plan as needed

Follow-up visits: $200. Purchase 3 together for $555

Naturopathic Care is available in-person, by phone, or by telehealth video conferencing.

Nearly every treatment plan is enhanced by acupuncture. If Dr. Eliza recommends acupuncture, she will offer 12 sessions for $1,500, or individual sessions for $150.


Dr. Klearman does not bill insurance and takes cash payments only. However, she can provide her patients with an insurance invoice that can be submitted by the patient to their insurance company for reimbursement.

If you have an insurance company, Dr. Klearman recommends that you check your own benefits prior to your appointment.