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This is a meal I cook at least weekly. My husband and my kids make it almost weekly, too. It is seriously easy and has become the preferred pancake in our house. We call it the Banegg pancake and the Eggnana pancake and often we just call it The Yummy Banana Egg Pancake Thing.It is completely grain-free and sugar-free and requires nothing but the ingredients and a skillet. No syrup needed!I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. It is hands down my favorite breakfast!


¼-1 T butter or avocado oil
3 eggs
1 ripe banana


Heat your butter in a skillet over medium heat. While it is coming to temperature, mash your banana in a bowl. Really mash it up- it should not be lumpy at all. Once it is sufficiently smashed, add in your eggs and whisk them together with the banana. Pour the banana and egg mixture into your hot pan and let it cook, undisturbed, for a few minutes. I like to cover the pan and let the bottom cook and the top steam. After the bottom is set, either flip the whole thing like a pancake (my husband somehow does a perfect flip every time) or use a spatula to cut the pancake into quarters and flip each quarter over (I do this because I am too chicken to attempt the whole flip). Let the pancake cook for another minute, then move onto a plate and eat it up!

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