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Now that you know I have Ulcerative Colitis and that I, like so many of you, do not have perfect health, I will also admit that I have seasonal ALLERGIES! We are not alone! Working at the Vail Valley Pharmacy, we are seeing lots and lots of people desperate for relief from the annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies, aka allergic rhinitis, aka hayfever. At this time of year people are most likely reacting to the pollen produced by molds, grasses, trees, and flowers which tend to be active in the spring and summer, while those with symptoms in the late summer and fall are typically reacting to the pollen made by ragweeds.This is definitely a growing problem, with more people complaining of new or worsening hayfever. Researchers think this is due to the ever increasing pollen counts as an effect of climate change.Pollen, when airborne, affects the lungs, eyes, and nasal passages. It stimulates an inflammatory response caused by your immune system reacting inappropriately to a harmless substance. This response causes an influx of mast cells, which release histamine to try to neutralize the offending substance. Histamine is what causes the redness, itching, and irritation that causes all the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.Most people grab for an antihistamine and get a little bit of relief, but taking those meds can make you feel a bit like a zombie. AND, we have awesome natural alternatives that don’t have the foggy side-effects. You can access my complete protocol here (no need to click on each individual link). Simply click the link, sign in, and purchase. Or we would love to see your face, so come pick up in the Vail Valley Pharmacy.Because hayfever is a problem of the immune system it is really important to recognize that keeping your immune system in tip top shape can really help you lessen your allergic reactions. And during times of stress, illness, and injuries, you may have an increase in your hay fever symptoms. General healthy lifestyle hygiene is always the most important self-care and self-love!Decreasing your intake of proinflammatory foods like alcohol, sugar, processed foods, seed oils, grains and soy, will help keep your immune system in check. If you are allergic to ragweed, avoiding foods that are in the ragweed family is very helpful. These include chamomile and echinacea, melons, cucumbers, bananas, and sunflower seeds.

In addition, allergies can be tamed by a combination of natural, non-invasive, super effective treatment options. I recommend hydrotherapy, and I love using herbal medicinals, honey and bee pollen, area specific homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture. These can do wonders to alleviate your symptoms without any negative side effects and actually shorten your allergy season.


With all the pollen floating around in the air and invading our delicate mucus membranes, it is really nice to simply wash your affected areas. Frequently rinse your eyes with a saline eye drop and your nasal passages using a Neti pot. I find the Neti pot the most effective way, more so than a saline spray, because you are literally rinsing the pollen out of your nose. I recommend using distilled water mixed with Xlear, a xylitol based saline solution.

Add in herbal medicines! Herbs have been used for centuries to help with allergic symptoms. Traditional herbs for allergies are Echinacea and Goldenseal, Quercetin, Perilla Seeds, Feverfew, Ephedra and Stinging Nettles. All of these herbs are potent mast cell stabilizers, which prevent the release of histamine. Most reputable supplement brands, like those we carry here at the store and in our online store, have added NAC to help thin mucus, along with some Bromelain to reduce inflammation.

Another great addition to your allergy protocol would be eating bee pollen and honey from bees that pollinate in our region. Just a spoonful of honey a day makes a delicious and effective treatment!

I don’t practice traditional homeopathy, but for many years I have been recommending an area specific allergy homeopathic remedy. Here in Colorado, we are in zone 6 for allergies, but if you are not in Colorado, you can search for your zone in our online store! These formulations are a form of sublingual immunotherapy that reduces the immune response to allergens. They contain homeopathic doses of the tree, weed, mold, and grass pollens in your zone and safely conditions your immune system to better tolerate those allergens.

Finally, acupuncture is an essential part of your allergy relief protocol. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture can modulate the activity of your immune system and reduce the symptoms of hayfever. I have even had several patients report the complete resolution of their seasonal allergies! I recommend starting with weekly sessions a few weeks before you usually start having symptoms.

I have put together my complete allergy protocol in our online store. You can access it here!

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