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A little over a year and a half ago, I started following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. This diet is for people with inflammatory bowel disease (like me), IBS, celiac disease, and other GI disorders. It has been an amazing tool for my healing and has kept my symptoms to near nothing.Since following the SCD, homemade yogurt has become one of my favorite foods. At first, I was like, “what? I am NOT going to waste my time and make my own yogurt. That is CRAZY!” But then, I actually made it. Not only does it take approximately 10 minutes of my time, it is also delicious, high in protein, filling, and a nice fermented treat for my gut bugs.I posted a recipe for this a while back, but now I have the hang of it and do it a bit differently. So, I have to repost, so that you will try it again. Because if not, you would miss out and I would feel sad for you.


All you need is an Instant Pot, a thermometer (I use a candy thermometer), a half gallon of milk (I always use organic from grass fed cows. You can use any kind: whole milk, 2%, skim, half and half, whatever floats your boat), and a powdered probiotic (I use GI ProHealth because the strains are important for the SCD diet. You can use whatever you want, though).


Pour your milk into the clean and dry insert of your Instant Pot. Put on the cover and turn the knob to “sealing”. Press the YOGURT button once, then adjust until it says “boil”. It will take a bit of time for the milk to reach a boil. Your Instant Pot will beep once it is done.When the Instant Pot beeps, swiftly remove the lid. Try not to let any of the water that has condensed on the lid drop into the milk. Press YOGURT agin, then adjust to boil again. Set a timer for 5 minutes and allow the Instant Pot to do its thing, with the lid off, until your timer goes off again.In the meantime, plug your sink, dump in a bunch of ice, and fill it with water.When the five minutes is up, press cancel on your Instant Pot, remove the insert and place the insert with the hot milk in it into the ice water in your sink. You will see a skin start to form on top. Peel that off and throw it away. Allow the milk to cool. Every few minutes, check the temperature of the milk. If another skin forms, peel that off and throw it away. Eventually, the milk will cool to between 80-90 degrees F. At that point, you can take the milk and insert out of the ice water.Remove about a cup of the cooled milk and place that into a smaller bowl. Sprinkle ⅛ tsp of the powdered probiotic over the surface of the cup of milk. Whisk it in. Then, add that back into the insert with the rest of the milk and stir well to combine the probiotic throughout.Put the insert back into your Instant Pot. Secure the lid to Sealing and press the YOGURT button. This time, press adjust until it reads 24:00. Let the yogurt ferment for 24 hours.When the timer beeps the next day, remove the lid and pour the yogurt into your desired container and put it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours before serving.Alternatively, you can pour the yogurt into a container that is lined with a cheesecloth. This will strain off the whey (the liquid part of the yogurt), and will leave you with “greek” yogurt.After 8 hours in the fridge, you are ready to eat your very own yogurt!Enjoy!

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