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Sometimes I just don’t want to cook. I am sure you feel me.

On those nights, instead of calling a restaurant for take out, I grab some veggies out of the fridge, recruit my husband for chopping, and make my version of breakfast for dinner: a vegetable scramble.

It is SUPER easy, uses up our leftovers and wilting greens, and leaves me feeling so much better than take-out.

Knowing that your veggie leftovers are different from mine, yours is going to turn out a bit different, but here is one that I made just the other night for 2 people as an example for you.


1 T butter
4-6 eggs
Red onion, chopped
1 bunch Swiss chard, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
¼ cup sun dried tomatoes, chopped
½ cup artichoke hearts, chopped
Fresh basil leaves
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste


Melt your butter in a pan over medium heat.

Add in the red onion and saute until just soft. Then add in the rest of the vegetables.
Allow them to cook, until soft.

Whisk the eggs in a large bowl and add them into the pan with the vegetables. Stir them around until they are done to your liking.

Remove from heat and add in your fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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