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Improve your vascular health – and track your results

As a proponent of lifestyle medicine and disease prevention, I believe that we need a more comprehensive approach to understanding the human body. A critical, yet often ignored part of the body is the vascular system. This is the vast network of blood vessels that travels every nook and cranny in your body, carrying vital substances throughout.

Your entire vascular network is lined with a little known structure called the EGX (endothelial glycocalyx). This thin, gel-like substance prevents cholesterol and other substances from sticking to or breaking through your blood vessels.

In addition to protecting your blood vessels against plaque buildup, keeping your blood vessels healthy also helps control blood pressure, and improves your oxygen carrying capacity. From keeping your fingers warm to delivering nutrients to your brain, from supporting your kidneys to oxygenating your heart, your blood vessels are critical to your health and performance.

Based on the research and evidence, I believe that focusing on the EGX is a powerful way to support your overall vascular health.

The best way to support the health of your vascular system is to do the things we know are good for improving circulation such as regular exercise, eating a healthy whole foods diet, and working to quell inflammation.

However, there is also a supplement that I would recommend not only to anyone with circulatory issues, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, but to everyone over the age of 45. This is because cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death, and health maintenance is much easier than reversing disease.

We are now carrying this supplement, called Arterosil, in the pharmacy. And I am super excited to offer it to all of you.

People who take Arterosil have reported a range of benefits you may notice at home, including:

  • Better endurance with exercise or sports
  • Increased sexual vitality
  • Clearer thinking
  • Warmer hands and feet
  • And more.

Come on in and check it out today!
Or you can purchase it from our online store. Use CODE: VVPharmacy and receive a discount if you place an order for autoship and have at least three months of shipments.
Love, Dr. Eliza

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