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In our efforts to separate our medical treatments into systems, we have effectively lost sight of the fact the body is whole, not the sum of its parts. No system is quite as isolated as our mouth. Not only do we see a completely different kind of doctor for our oral health, but we don’t even recognize that there is an intimate connection between our oral health and our overall health.

I am here to tell you that indeed, your oral health is related to the health of your body. I have created this oral health protocol for your convenience. You can simply click on the link and add to your cart!

This is evident in that crooked teeth and narrow pallets are related to nutrient deficiencies, and that periodontal disease (gum disease) is related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, poor pregnancy outcomes, osteoporosis, and many more health conditions.

Beyond the elimination of sugar to prevent cavities, your nutrition determines the shape of your jaw, your palate, the strength of your teeth, and helps to prevent and treat all of those diseases related to gum health, too.

Fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K are important nutrients that help in the formation of healthy bones. They stimulate insulin-like growth factor, a signal that helps to modulate growth hormone, which tells the skeleton how much to grow. Adequate levels of these vitamins result in a healthy bone structure in the jaw and palate (along with the rest of the skeleton). When the bones of the face and jaw are wide enough, the teeth do not crowd, for one thing, and it also provides for a larger airway, which mitigates many other health conditions.

These vitamins also play a key role in activating the immune system inside of your teeth, which protects your teeth from decay. You require these vitamins long after your skeleton is formed.

While traditional diets are ample in these vitamins, our American diet is poorly lacking. You know my stance on this: eat a whole foods, nutrient dense diet! While organ meats are the best source for all the fat soluble vitamins, you can also take a high quality supplement. My favorite is ADK Evail by Designs for Health.
Oral hygiene is, of course, also important in maintaining the health in your mouth- and the health of your body! My recommendation is to make oral hygiene a part of your self-care.

  1. Floss- this cleans out the stuck food and bacteria between the teeth. I know your dentist has been telling you to do this too. Because it is important. It only takes 10 seconds.
  2. Brush your teeth- also an essential part of oral hygiene, obviously. But I have fallen in love with a new toothpaste that is Dr. Eliza approved (read: no parabens, BPAs, SLS, or any weird sweeteners). The toothpaste, Periobiotic Silver, contains silver, a probiotic (yes- in the toothpaste!), CoQ10, and xylitol. Like a supplement for your teeth!
3. Scrape your tongue- using a tongue scraper or upside down spoon, gently scrape from far back on the tongue towards the front. Repeat a few times to remove the bacteria that like to colonize the back of the tongue. This is great to help with bad breath, but it also decreases the amount of plaque that you collect on your teeth.

4. Oil Pulling- a teaspoon of coconut oil or Periopull, swished in the mouth for just a few minutes, makes a much healthier alternative to mouthwash. The oil will gently wash away excess bacteria that is left in the mouth. Using commercial mouthwash will kill off the bad and the good bacteria in your mouth and will change your microbial balance. The microbiome in the mouth is important!

5. Speaking of the microbiome in the mouth, there are dental specific strains of probiotics. These strains support the health of the tissue in the mouth and help to support the immune system as well! Periommune is a mouth specific probiotic that supports the oral immune system and may improve symptoms of periodontal disease like bleeding gums, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and deep pockets.

As always, I would love to see you in person and provide you with a comprehensive, personalized plan to help you with your oral and overall body health. Please call my office today to get started. 970-328-5678

Love, Dr. Eliza

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