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Whether you are a seasoned health and wellness aficionado or just an average person scrolling through social media, it is nearly impossible to sift through all the information about supplements. This one will help you lose weight and this one will help you grow hair and that one lowers your cholesterol and this one will help you live longer.

How can you possibly know what the heck supplements you really need? Throw in your own, personal health issues and that complicates matters even more.

That is, ultimately, what I am here to do for you. I listen to you and your health story and history, assess, assign appropriate laboratory testing, reassess, and assign treatment. My treatment includes dietary guidance, stress management, acupuncture, lifestyle medicine, and yes, supplements.

If you want that kind of care and direction, which I do believe everyone needs, schedule an appointment to work with me.

Supplements are excellent sources of nutrients and herbs that bridge the gap between reality and perfect health.

But do please keep in mind that, like medications, supplements do not replace or make up for all of the healthy self-care and self-love practices that REALLY help you live a healthier and longer life (with less fat and more hair and lower cholesterol).

With that said, supplements are great, and can really help to improve your overall health and wellness.

Without taking into consideration anything special or individual about you, without my individualized care, I have created for you a general supplement guide that is appropriate, and effective, for most adults. This is a basic protocol that covers, well, the basics.


The majority of Americans are deficient in not just one, but a multitude of nutrients. A multivitamin is the cornerstone of all of the basic nutrients that you need and helps to replete and maintain these all too common deficiencies. A high quality multivitamin will include a broad spectrum of both vitamins and minerals that are both bio-available and bioidentical. The quality of a multivitamin matters! Cheap and synthetic forms of nutrients will not improve your health.

Vitamin D (with K)

Hopefully by now you understand the importance of vitamin D. Essential for immune health, including infection and cancer prevention, pain management (did you know it can help with chronic pain?), mood regulation, and bone health, vitamin D is a powerhouse. Combining vitamin D with vitamin K is always a good idea.

Vitamin E (in the form of Tocotrienols)

Vitamin E is another nutrient that is sorely lacking in the American population. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants and, in the recently discovered delta and gamma tocotrienol forms, has been shown to strengthen the bones, improve cellular function, support healthy blood sugar levels, and regulate cholesterol levels. The tocopherol forms of vitamin E have not provided the same health benefits, and can even increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.


Oh how I love mushrooms! Miracles of nature in food form, mushrooms provide a cornucopia of health benefits. They have been well-studied and shown to provide support of our immune systems, nervous systems, and cardiovascular systems. Taking these mushrooms can help you regulate your stress response, enhance your memory and cognition, and prevent infection and cancer. Everyone should be on a mushroom blend!

The supplements above provide an amazing basic layer of support for you and those you love. While I could go on and on (see my other blog posts!) The above is a solid recommendation to get you started.

You can log in to our supplement store at https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/vailvp/signup and purchase these or pop on in to the pharmacy and we will help you find them in store.

And, don’t forget, for more individualized recommendations call my office to schedule an appointment to work with me. I would love to help you be the healthiest you can be!

Supplements and Muscle Mass

Call me today to schedule your appointment to get you feeling better, and improving your overall health.


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