I know, I am sick of reading about it, too. But this virus just won’t go away. At the start of it all, I gathered together all my knowledge regarding immune stimulation and viral defense and compiled a list of herbs and supplements that might be useful for this virus.

Then, my very esteemed colleagues wrote this paper that will be in the Integrative Medical Journal, and they do a fabulous job in detailing a natural medicine approach to COVID. So, instead of me paraphrasing and summarizing their article, I am going to share it here instead. 

If you are not interested in the entire article, which is a bit complex, pay special attention to Figure 2, which will tell you what is recommended for prevention, infection, escalating inflammation, and recovery.


This is very important, priceless information. Instead of simply doing nothing, hoping you don’t get infected with COVID, and then hoping harder that it does not affect you too terribly, this gives you something to do. Be proactive. Take control over your own health. This virus is not going away, but you can do your best to prepare for it and get through it safely