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This summer has been horribly smoky.  We can hardly see our beautiful mountains, and sometimes the smoke is so close by that we can smell it. Colorado has experienced over a dozen fires this wildfire season. Many of these, including the Cache Creek, Cabin Lake, Lake Christine, Silver Creek, and Sugarloaf wildfires, have had an awful effect on our air quality.

The buildup of smoke is also linked to the blazing wildfires occurring in California. According to 9News.com, smoke from these western fires was carried north up to Canada and wrapped around the backside of a high-pressure system that made its way into Colorado. This draft created a layer of smoke throughout the state that residents can visibly see. Worse yet, we are all breathing it.

Dangers of Wildfire Smoke

Smoke from wildfires is constructed of an amalgam of particles from burning vegetation, burning materials, and a mixture of gases. During and after a fire, hundreds and thousands of chemicals can be found in the smoke traveling through the air. And the scary result of this smoke is the hazardous effects presented to human health from these dangerous compounds. These compounds consist of fine particles* that can enter into the human body and lead to an array of potential health issues.

*This fine particulate matter found in wildfire smoke is measured at about 2.5 micrometers in diameter or close to 1/20ththe width of a human hair!

Wildfire Smoke Health Effects

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), wildfire smoke can trigger or cause the worsening of a number of health problems including degraded lung function, asthma, infectious bronchitis, and even heart failure.

Particular groups of people can experience a significant impact to their health from wildfire smoke including those plagued with heart or lung disease, children, older adults (elderly), pregnant women, and a person afflicted with diabetes. These individuals are more susceptible to wildfire smoke due to a compromised immune system that has a harder time of fighting off invaders in the body. If you fit into any of the above categories, it is important to minimize outdoor exposure to wildfire smoke as much as possible or be prepared with protective gear like a wildfire smoke mask for respiratory protection.

Wildfire Smoke Mask for Respiratory Protection

Masks for wildfire smoke protection need to be closely looked at to ensure they offer the necessary level of protection for the particulate matter in wildfire smoke. A typical dust mask that you can purchase at any hardware store is presumed to shield your respiratory health from the harmful substances contained in wildfire smoke. However, you may want to think again! Wildfire smoke yields gases and chemicals, as well as fine particulate matter that is not shielded by a cheap dust mask. Instead, you will want to utilize a N-95 NIOSH approved mask or even an effective air-purifying respirator maskto help aid in the neutralization of all smoke components including chemicals, gases, and most importantly particulates.

Benefits of a Wildfire Smoke Air Purifier for Your Home

Protecting your home from wildfire smoke is no easy task! Depending on the size and proximity of the wildfire, smoke in your area may be heightened leading to potential air contamination in your indoor air from the growing smoke outside your door. And without an air purification system in your home, smoke will invade your indoor space and quickly!

Air purifiers provide you with a way to greatly improve the air quality within your home. These purifiers help by filtering out the small particulates in the air, especially during times with high levels of contaminants in the air and a lack of ventilation. Due to the concentration of wildfire smoke and the fine particulate matter released from the smoke, a HEPA air purification device is critical in capturing most, if not all particulate matter in the air. The EnviroKlenz Mobile Systemnot only provides HEPA filtration for the tiny particulate matter found in wildfire smoke, but also provides a patented earth mineral technology for Volatile Organic Chemicals, noxious odors, and chemical neutralization, making this air purification system effective against all components of wildfire smoke.

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is effective against the most harmful components of smoke including:

  • Corrosive gases
  • Particulate matter
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Fats & oils
  • Resins & waxes

To learn more about the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System and to receive a special promotion (3 Additional EnviroKlenz Air Cartridges with Your Purchase – $300 savings!) visit EnviroKlenz.com/dr-eliza-klearman.*

*This is an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase through this link, I receive a small commission.