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A super yummy treat with healthy fats.


For the filling:
○ ½ cup coconut oil, room temperature
○ 3T coconut cream
○ 1 dropperful of liquid Stevia, to taste
○ 1 dropperful peppermint extract

For the chocolate coating
○ ¼ cup cocoa powder
○ Liquid Stevia, to taste
○ 1T coconut oil


1. Mix together all of the ingredients for the filling with a whisk, until smooth. 2. Drop the filling, by the spoonful, onto a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze for about 20 minutes. 3. While the filling is freezing, prepare the chocolate coating 4. Melt the coconut oil and stir in the cocoa powder and stevia 5. Remove the frozen disks from the freezer and dip into the chocolate. Put them back into the freezer. 6. Keep these fat blasters frozen until you are ready to devour them!