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Why Detox?

Chemicals are everywhere.  They are in our air, water, food, and in our homes. Chemicals are in our personal care products, our cleaning supplies, and in our furniture.  Thousands of new synthetic chemicals come onto the market each year with no safety testing or public approval process.  We absorb chemicals through our lungs, skin, and GI tract and they become a burden for our body to bear.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to avoid chemical exposure all together.  Chemical toxicity is a global issue. Any chemical used anywhere on our planet is carried on air currents around the globe.  This means that we are coming into contact with all chemicals used anywhere around the world.  Imagine how many chemicals your body comes into contact with in just one day.  Unfortunately, it is thousands, and they have a cumulative effect in the body.  

Scarily, when human fat tissue was sampled in the United States, researchers found over 700 chemical contaminants that have not been chemically identified.  The CDC reports that over 100 environmental pollutants can be identified in almost all US citizens.  We are all overloaded with environmental toxins and this has a great effect on our health.

Toxins and Health

Years of exposure can be horribly detrimental to our health. This is normal exposure, not people working with chemicals on the job or living near an industrial site.  Environmental chemicals are toxic to our brains and nervous system, our immune system, and can interfere with our hormone systems.  

Toxicity can cause devastating illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, infertility, birth defects, autism, and ADD.  Having toxic overload can also cause diseases like obesity, diabetes, uterine fibroids, allergies, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety, brain fog and asthma.

The solution to this enormous problem is to do your best to avoid chemicals and to do a yearly cleanse.

What is a Cleanse?

Cleansing allows your body to rest from the endless tasks it performs for you every minute of every day.  Cleansing gives your body the opportunity to clear out this toxic load.  It enhances digestion and absorption and strengthens the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. When you take time to cleanse, you give your body precious time to rest, repair and re-balance this delicate and important system.

There are many different ways to cleanse.  But the most effective methods are those that include eliminating as many toxins from your environment as possible, cleaning up your diet, improving your air quality, and using medical foods to help you mobilize stored toxins and eliminate them from your body.

I’m Here to Help

My Cleanse and Detox Program includes all of these methods and is very simple to follow.  It is effective and you will feel great!  I will give you some simple guidelines to follow that will help your main organs of elimination, your lungs, skin, kidneys, and bowels, get rid of the toxins that are released into your system.

Most people are intimidated by the idea of cleansing. But if you are looking for an easy, effective way to improve your health, my Cleanse and Detox Program is definitely something you should try.  You are likely to feel better than you have in years and, in the process, you can learn how to eat a proper, health-promoting diet, decrease your toxic load, and improve your health for years to come.