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28 Day Detox

Detoxification: Spring Cleaning for the Body28-day-detox

Detoxification is a process of purging the excessive toxins that we hold in our bodies. Just living your daily life causes a build-up of chemicals which impair the functioning of your entire body and leave more more susceptible to disease. The simple tasks of eating, breathing, and drinking water are enough to overload in your body – especially because the food we eat is not organic, the air we breathe is polluted, and the water we drink is contaminated. The excessive accumulation of waste impairs cellular and metabolic processes, clogs up our elimination systems, and results in overall toxicity. This excess toxicity can lead to many common diseases.

Detoxification Can Eliminate Your Symptoms

Headaches, stomach aches, poor energy, poor sleep, constipation, heartburn, and joint and muscle pain are all symptoms of toxicity. In fact, most of these seemingly minor symptoms are the first sign of toxic overload. When all we do is take medicine to suppress these symptoms, we are simply adding to our toxic load and ignoring the signals that we need to give our body a break. When ignored for long enough, the load becomes too much to bear and we end up with chronic diseases.

Clean Body means Better Function

Cleansing gives your body the opportunity to clear out this toxic load. It enhances digestion and absorption and strengthens the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, meaning that your body works better overall.

Easy to Follow

I make it easy for my patients by allowing them to eat a very healthy, simple diet while consuming a “medical food”, a protein shake with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help the body to detoxify and eliminate. This allows people to go on working and exercising, which most of us need to do, rather than taking time out of our busy lives to fast.

Results – Looking forward to another Detox with Dr. Klearman

My husband and I really enjoyed our group detox with Dr. Klearman. I went to the meetings so we could have one of us home with the kids but we participated together. It was fun planning new meals and getting our kids eating new items. We also spent the month not eating out which really was a financial plus and brought the family together. On the side of health we felt a surge of energy and woke up early in the morning to get going on our day without the help of coffee, our chronic runny noses stopped, and our digestive health was great! We look forward to another detox with Dr. Klearman. – The McGinleys

Sign Up Today

If you are looking for an easy, effective way to improve your health, this program is for you! You will feel better than you have in years and, in the process, you can learn how to eat a proper, health-promoting diet; a skill that will last a lifetime.

This program can be started at any time!  Simply call my office at 970-328-5678 and I will get you started on the program.  You can participate from any location.