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I would recommend her to anyone…

Donna Jacobs

Patient and Acupuncture Facelift

I look forward to my visits with Dr. Klearman every week. Aside from the obvious results of acupuncture treatments, such as less stress and more energy, my consultation with Dr. Klearman has assisted me in resolving many of the personal issues that I have been recently experiencing with raising a young toddler, financial and marital problems, and job-related stresses. She is very gentle and makes me feel very comfortable. The herbal supplements and homeopathic medicine that she recommended to me has helped enormously with reducing anxiety and some depression as well as helping relieve my peri-menipausal symptoms and my hypothyroid symptoms.

I have recommended Dr. Klearman to all of my friends who live in this area as well as friends who come up here frequently to ski and I would recommend her to anyone visiting her website and reading this today. I am so happy that I found her!

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