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I feel better than I have for a while…

Terri Vroman

45 Day Challenge

This 45 day challenge has flown by and now we are at the end…..or the beginning is more apt!

I am not now nor have I ever been one of those people with a phobia about food. Growing up I was fortunate enough that what I ate was energy and nothing more. I stayed at a consistent 115 pounds up until my second child was born and then as I got older the pounds slowly started staying with me instead of melting off. Now that I am older that is no longer the case and that is why I took the class….to learn about food…or more aptly, nutrition. I started out a couple of years ago taking a Weight watcher class thinking that would teach me how to eat healthy but was disappointed since the “class” was teaching a person to read points without looking at the health side of food. Eliza, this class was terrific and I am glad I signed up. I feel great, have energy, and am losing weight and my cloths seem to be fitting better. I feel better than I have for awhile. I lost a total of 8 pounds over the course of the class and feel real good about that. I have a pair of capri pants that I love and have been trying to fit into for awhile now and I can honestly say I am almost there! YIIPPEE!! It was a great series of classes and I learned a bunch!

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