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I am forever grateful…


The summer of 2009 was a rough summer.  I attempted suicide on May 27th and in the next month was laid off from work.  I moved back to Eagle with my parents to gather my marbles and recover from an intensely emotional setback.  With doubt still looming in the air I reluctantly attended an acupuncture session with my mother.  Needless to say, I made my own appointment with Dr. Klearman for a later date.  The appointment was for depression.  During our session I confessed my failed attempt and ongoing hopelessness.  We discussed other medical issues that are ongoing but the meat of our time together was centered on my lack of desire to live.  We talked about how we live in such a concrete world and therefore lack the healing power of nature.  This manifests itself in a number of different ways: physically, we are surrounded by buildings, we walk on concrete sidewalks, etc; virtually we are connected all the time, cell phones and the internet; mentally and emotionally we are disconnected from nature and each other.  Face to face contact rarely happens anymore.  Dr. Klearman helped to open my eyes to the false realities of the world.  She helped me to get back to the basics, back to nature.

Nutrition wise, Dr. Klearman talked with me about the major benefits of eating whole foods, physical benefits as well as emotional and mental benefits.  I purchased the cook book, Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods by Cynthia Lair from Dr. Klearman, it remains my favorite cook book and the one that is most prominently used in my home.  The actual needles helped to calm my body and allowed me to process the conversation Dr. Klearman and I had had.  Overall my experience with Dr. Klearman gave me hope and kept the suicidal thoughts at bay long enough for me to pick myself up and put the pieces back together.  With encouragement, literature, knowledge and love Dr. Klearman sent me on my way.  I am forever grateful.

She was right, I do have a beautiful inner light and it now shines.  Thank You Dr. Eliza, for helping me rediscover it.
Amanda Patrice

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