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Achieved fast and amazing results

It has been a year since my wife Sally started visiting you for continual pain she experiences from a work related injury. The acupuncture has been a great way for her to get relief from the continual ups and downs of the pains she experiences. The most surprising and measurable results we experienced from our visits had to do with Sally’s blood work and weight loss. In talking to Sally about her overall health during each of our visits you found that Sally was diabetic, had high iron levels & a high red blood cell count. Two months after Sally started the diet plan you put together for her she lost 22 pounds, is no longer diabetic and her iron levels are normal !!! Sally was starting to worry that her weight and blood levels were out of control and this weighed heavy on her mind. You achieved your goal with Sally, you uncovered the underlying problems in her body and provided the support that achieved fast and amazing results. I can’t wait to see the results a year from now. Thanks for everything you have done to help my wife on her way to a happy and healthy life.

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