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Daily Nutrients Without Iron

This high-quality, hypoallergenic, multivitamin/mineral blend includes activated vitamins; folate as a blend of Quatrefolic (5-MTHF) and folic acid…

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Product Description

The American diet is sorely lacking in these micronutrients; food manufacturing and preservation, along with poor food choices, leaves nine out of ten individuals deficient in key micronutrients.

Daily Nutrients without Iron provides a well-balanced combination of vitamins and minerals that work synergistically and cooperatively to provide those key micronutrients.  All micronutrients are in bioavailable forms to ensure proper absorption and utilization.  Daily Nutrients provides generous levels of B vitamins, and a broad spectrum of nutrients that deliver antioxidant activity both inside and outside the cells.  And finally, this supplement delivers nutrients that support detoxification of both environmental toxins and toxins formed from metabolic by-products.

Daily Nutrients multivitamin and mineral complex is designed to support your immune system, balance and optimize your hormone production, support normal glucose and insulin levels, lower stress hormone production, support the healthy structure and function of your brain and nerve cells and, most importantly, help combat oxidative damage in every cell of your body.  This formulation is specifically designed to maximize energy and optimize body composition by providing therapeutic levels of specific nutrients.

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