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Your Health Comes From A Clean Home

Common household cleaners and cosmetics contain ingredients that are implicated in health problems- maybe even the problems from which you currently suffer. There are thousands of known toxic chemicals in products that we use every day in our homes [...]

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Health is a factor of many things: our genetics, our environment, and our lifestyle choices. While genetics are hard to change, we can alter their expression with a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment. But when you delve into [...]

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Anti-Aging is More Than Skin Deep

We Americans are not strangers to the cosmetic market. Makeup, chemical peels, micro dermabrasion, injections of fat, toxins, vitamins, and collagen, and the most invasive of them all: surgery, are all our attempts to stay young and beautiful. It [...]

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Acupuncture Can Work for You

It never ceases to amaze me that I practice a form of medicine that has been in use for over 3,000 years. Oriental medicine was, in fact, developed and practiced in ancient China as a primary health care system. [...]

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Cleansing Through Detoxification

Chemicals are everywhere.  They are in our air, water, food, and in our homes. Chemicals are in our personal care products, our cleaning supplies, and in our furniture.  Thousands of new synthetic chemicals come onto the market each year [...]

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