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Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts

The Best (and Worst) Thanksgiving Foods Thanksgiving is a great meal.  Friends and family come together to give thanks and celebrate the harvest season– …and to overeat. All of us know the feeling of eating too much, too heavy, [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Acupuncture

1) Acupuncturists view each person holistically and individually. No two people are alike.  Every cell in that person’s body is interconnected to others and is functioning as part of an integrated whole.  In other words, acupuncture treats the whole [...]

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Health Comes From a Clean Home

Common household cleaners and cosmetics contain ingredients that are implicated in health problems- maybe even the problems from which you currently suffer.  There are thousands of known toxic chemicals in products that we use every day in our homes [...]

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The Key for Healthy Skin for Teens

Every person experiences the occasional pimple, but for a teen suffering with acne, life can seem especially hard. Acne is a chronic skin condition that can leave physical and emotional scars, especially at the vulnerable time of adolescence. For [...]

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Be Headache Free- Forever!

Millions suffer from migraine headaches and this debilitating disease remains a mystery to the medical community.  To date, most research has shown that migraines occur due to changes in the blood vessels in the area of the brain.  Research [...]

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