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Peppermint Coconut Fat Blasters!

A super yummy treat with healthy fats. Ingredients For the filling: ○ ½ cup coconut oil, room temperature ○ 3T coconut cream ○ 1 dropperful of liquid Stevia, to taste ○ 1 dropperful peppermint extract For the chocolate coating [...]

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Kids Need to Sleep More

I am a parent of school aged kids. They have friends they like to be with. They have sports and music lessons. They have homework and chores. We emphasize daily quality family time. They listen to music and watch [...]

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My Weekly Chemical Exposure

I was recently contacted by the Environmental Defense Fund to participate in a small pilot study to monitor the chemicals in our environment. They used an incredible new technology called MyExposome. For one week, I wore a plain silicone [...]

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