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Thank you Eliza…

Emily Marion 45 Day Challenge Thanks Eliza! I have to tell you that I am really inspired by this whole process and am surprised at myself for contunuing to make good choices, even when I am not trying.

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She helped us get pregnant

We can not thank Dr. Klearman enough for her knowledge, help and kindess this summer with trying to get pregnant. She gave us a plethora of information, good advice and was equally excited when we found out we were [...]

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Really fun and life-changing classes…

Meg Segerberg 45 Day Challenge I have really been surprised at how easy this diet lifestyle is to follow. The first few pounds have fallen off quite easily and quickly. Spraining my ankle certainly threw me off a bit in terms of [...]

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No longer a slave to my disease…

Maria Hammaker Patient I first started to see Dr. Klearman because I was very sick with a chronic disease. I spent many years on many drugs and still had profound pain that landed me in the hospital often. Modern [...]

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I would recommend her to anyone…

Donna Jacobs Patient and Acupuncture Facelift I look forward to my visits with Dr. Klearman every week. Aside from the obvious results of acupuncture treatments, such as less stress and more energy, my consultation with Dr. Klearman has assisted [...]

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