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Be Headache Free- Forever!

Millions suffer from migraine headaches and this debilitating disease remains a mystery to the medical community.  To date, most research has shown that migraines occur due to changes in the blood vessels in the area of the brain.  Research and drug development focuses on controlling those changes in order to arrest the migraine once it has started.  Natural supplements and herbs such as Feverfew, Butterbur, and Riboflavin have the same effect of controlling those blood vessels.  These herbs and drugs suppress the symptoms of disease. They don’t change the disease, they don’t cure disease.

I have never been satisfied with this route.  I want to prevent the migraine from happening again.  Ever.

Most disease states begin with or are complicated by some level of digestive dysfunction.  If the body is not properly digesting and absorbing the nutrients it needs, and subsequently does not have all the essential building blocks at its disposal than some level of dysfunction will occur.  This dysfunction may affect any system or organ within the body.

Digestive dysfunction can occur over time in nearly every one.  Poor nutrition, injury, infection, and drugs can cause a breakdown of the intestinal lining, which is designed to absorb into the blood stream those nutrients which the body needs and just as importantly keep out those things the body cannot use.  Because this function is absolutely critical within the body, even minimal digestive dysfunction may cause problems.  When this lining is not in tact, your body is exposed to things it should not be.  This can lead to a myriad of health effects, including the dilation or constriction of blood vessels in the brain.

Even conventional medicine recognizes that for some people certain foods can trigger a migraine.  Trying to find and eliminate that food can be very difficult.  And what about those of you who get migraines when the barometric pressure changes, or before your period, or any time your left toe bends backwards?  How on earth do you avoid those things?

My answer is this: if you want to be migraine-free, and I mean eliminate them all together, not just stop them once they have started, you must address your digestive system.  You must heal your intestinal lining and perfect your detoxification and elimination.  When this occurs, your body will stop reacting to whatever stimulus it is that causes your migraine.

This sounds harder than it is to accomplish.  Yes, it is best to change your diet, which in and of itself is hard yet doable, and there are some key nutrients to help the digestive tract heal.  Incredibly, this can also be accomplished with acupuncture, which is more effective than medication for reducing the severity and frequencty of migraines and chronic headaches, according to recent research.

Acupuntcure is targeted to the individual and is based on the location, duration, and timing of your head pain.  It increases circulation, thereby affecting the blood vessels and simulataneously healing the digestive tract.  The treatment itself lasts an hour and patients typical need 1-2 treatments each week for 4-6 weeks to be effective for the long term.

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